Case Study - Bali Beginnings


Bali Beginnings is an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre based in Sanur in Bali, and run by a team of compassionate and caring therapists helping Australians struggling with addiction in their recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  Bali Beginnings treats problems with illicit and prescription drugs, addiction to alcohol and the range of related problems that this causes for the addict and their family.

Bali Beginnings was seeking an automated marketing solution to help them respond to inquiries received via Facebook and their website in a more effective manner and approached Revium to help design an effective process to automate their sales funnel through smart digital marketing.

Goals and Challenges

Bali Beginnings Drug & Alcohol Rehab receive numerous inquiries either directly through the Contact Us page on their website, and also through referrals from Facebook.    While they were capturing these details in their email marketing system, they had a completely manual process for following up and contacting these leads.

They were seeking:

  • A digital campaign strategy to better maintain contact with customers after their initial inquiry
  • A process to bring leads through their sales funnel more effectively
  • A review of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) in how their web pages and contact forms were laid out to increase inquiries
  • Advice on setup of a series of email marketing pieces so that leads who did not convert initially were not forgotten, and additional opportunities created to convert these leads into customers

Solutions and Outcome

After running a series of consulting sessions with clients, to understand how drug and alcohol victims were initiating contact with the organisation, Revium put together a number of common workflows, and mapped out the contact points with the organisation.   Revium also provided a recommendation on the timing, sequence and structure of a number of client communication pieces to be sent by email so that trust and strength of relationship with the organisation was built with these customers over time.   Opt out vehicles, and intelligent tracking of client interaction with these emails was incorporated into the Digital Strategy provided by Revium.


After implementing the strategy, Bali Beginnings was able to increase its conversion of customers in their funnel from 5 - 7% initially, to over 10% - an almost 100% increase in client retention after initial contact.   Not only did this help Bali Beginnings in their commercial operations, but even more importantly it resulted in getting more alcoholics and addicts into a program of recovery - a very worthy cause!

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