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November 2015 - Craig Lawrence

Revium are a web development agency based in Melbourne with over ten year’s experience delivering a wide range of custom web development projects for our clients. So if you’re looking to engage a team of local, dedicated in-house specialists to bring your next project to life, then read on.

Every web development project has its own DNA, or set of instructions, to complete the project on time, on budget and to specification. That’s why it is imperative that the agency you decide to partner with asks the right questions to deliver the right outcome. Revium’s approach to web development is methodical and purposefully focuses on uncovering as much detail as possible. 

Reasons for your web development
What are the business decisions around your project? Having a website is one thing, knowing why you should have one is something completely different altogether. Knowing the outcomes of what you would like a website to do for your business is imperative in specifying the right tasks to complete your development. A website could:

  • Sell services or products via e-commerce with complex check out capabilities
  • Be an informational hub to help educate visitors about your business, with content dynamically personalized to each visitor’s experience
  • Increase leads coming through to your business with a website that has a great user experience and entices user’s to provide their contact details

These insights will start building a picture of the functionality and structure of your website that best suits the needs of your visitors / clients / prospects.  

Know your target market
As most business web development projects can be a big investment, knowing who your target market is will increase the probability of generating a positive return over time. Studies continue to show that a website has a very limited amount of time to grab the attention of visitors. If your website doesn’t have the right content for your target market, then people will bounce off and more than likely end up at one of your competitors. That’s why you should consider:

  • What is the age bracket of your audience
  • The type of language they are most likely to use
  • Images that they would relate to

There is so much to know about your target market and in doing so, vastly improves the chances of them interacting not only with your website, but also with your business. 

Technical know-how
This is the pointy end of this stick that many decision makers overlook. When comparing quotes or proposals, usually the bottom line for the web development project is looked at first and then the rest of the quote may be reviewed. With complex projects, technical know-how needs to be strenuously evaluated. The more “moving parts” a website has, the greater the risks of it not being built correctly. That’s why technical web development specialists are a necessity. They will ensure:

  • All functional requirements are specified at the beginning of the project
  • That the right platform is provided to build your website
  • Your project is resourced effectively to meet your go-live expectations

Too often a project will be under-quoted to win the deal and it’s usually to the client’s detriment, not the web development agency. 

Revium’s team of web development specialists include:

  • Front-end designers – these are the people that turn your idea into creative concepts that visually represent your website
  • Back-end developers – are the coders of the world and make the website function effectively
  • Digital strategists – take your ideas to another level by thinking outside the square and offering solutions you may not have thought of
  • Business analysts – will dissect your web development project and give it functional detail that guides the designers and developers
  • Project managers – are there to step you through your project and deliver on key milestones as requested

As you can see, web development is more than just having any old website built. It requires meticulous undertakings in:

  • Discovery
  • Specifications
  • Design
  • Development
  • Implementation

Revium have 20+ staff that can partner with you for your next web development project. Please call (03) 9429 2000 to organise a catch up and discuss all things web.

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